Things To Do

If guests request, we also create a special Itinerary for them keeping their interests in mind. They can spend the day visiting the many locations in and around Patalkot, soak in the abundance of colours, take guided walks, learn about various native flora & fauna and its medicinal properties, visit the waterfalls, pristine lakes, hillocks, temples, forts, museums, and more.


There are many things you can do in Tamia while you book into Serendipity.  It’s a kids and senior citizens friendly resort. There are options for nature lovers, adventists, trekkers, office conferences, there’s bar, restaurant and more….


Serendipity is an all-inclusive family friendly holiday resort offering varied activities to guests. Not just for kids, there are offer plenty of perks for adults too.

For Nature Lovers


The resort offers amazing therapeutic and Ayurveda based treatments and calming activities. Nature Walk being one such activity. A long walk will connect you with nature. For those interested we schedule a 3.5 KM/hour walk through trail lead by a guide whom we refer to as ‘Dost’. This Dost, rich in knowledge about the medicinal and healing properties of the local flora and fauna used by tribal will throw light on how these plants can be used even today as medicine and food source. The walking trail has been developed and maintained as naturally as possible. It is like any normal jungle route, straight at some places and uneven at other, with roots and fallen foliage underfoot. We tell guests to bring sturdy footwear and other essentials. Months of operation:  Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

For Kids


Upon arrival kids are welcomed with a smoothie! And this is just the beginning to a wonderful holiday ahead. Kids can engage in hula-hoops, a game of cricket, easy levels of rope & rock climbing, trekking, star gazing, bird watching with naturalists, jungle walks, horse riding lessons, bonfire, karaoke and more.


Trekking & Adventure


If you’re looking to trek in Tamia, it’s going to be a surreal respiteto trek amid the breathtakingly beautiful scenery, thick green forests, wildlife, and valleys.


It’s an activity every Trekking & adventure enthusiast will cherish for a lifetime.


Guests can enjoy Rock Climbing, Level 3 Nature Trails, and other activities within and outside resort premise.


We also arrange team sports for corporate clients. Activities like Burma Bridge, free fall from tree branches, Ladder climbing, Flying Fox, Commando Crossing. Besides we also have ATV Rides, Horse Riding, & Water Balls waking on the Lake,


For Senior Citizens & Guests With Limited Mobility


Serendipity is a senior citizen and specially abled guests friendly resort, offering special facilities and activities for them to ensure they also enjoy the holiday, stay engaged and aren’t inconvenienced in anyway while other family members are enjoying activities. Right from wheel chair transportation, easy seating, beds, prompt and helpful room service and attendants, to food and snacks - everything is specially designed in keeping with their health condition and taste.

For Your Taste Buds


Serendipity offers two distinct culinary experiences ranging from casual to fine dining. The Soul Curry – a multi cuisine fine dining restaurant, and Punjab da Tashan is a north Indian style Dhaba. And then there is Bellini the Bar offering the best choices. You are also allowed to carry your own drinks. Our restaurant is also open to guests not staying in Serendipity.

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The Serendipity Experience

 Wellness  | Romance | Family Vacation | Village Stay | Adventure |  Memorable Wedding | Corporate Meetings & Conferences, & more...


While you stay at Serendipity we offer more than just good rooms, well equipped bar, the ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating spas, and some shopping. We create experiences and moments for guests that will compel them to come back to the resort. There's remarkable scenery, great hiking, sight seeing, indoor and outdoor activities, good food and more...


Affiliated to the famous Spa Kairali Ayurvedic Group, we offer mind & body wellness programs all based on Ayurveda. Whether you feel exhausted, crave to experience slow living, are recovering from health issues and need restorative support, or are going through life transition, we design therapy especially for you based on your body type and health condition at physical, emotional, and energy level.


Our therapists continuously explore local flora and fauna and incorporate and restore ancient Ayurveda-based remedies into treatments and therapies. When you stay at Serendipity, our Representative briefs you about the various therapies we offer to eliminate stress and tension, treat ailments, and detoxify mind and body. You can enjoy soothing hot stone massage, pedicure, cellulite-reducing body wrap, a relaxing facial, and more.



We offer more than just honeymoon and babymoon experiences. We have a very exciting and interesting package for to-be-married couples to come and do pre-wedding shoots here in the most picturesque settings of Tamia.


We take you to various locales with camera team to shoot pictures during the day and early evening.  At the end of your pre-wedding shoot session, we gift ten hard copies of best pictures we’ve shot of you with soft copy of all other pictures. These are your property that you’re free to circulate amongst your people. Over and above this we also create an online wedding invite that you can actually use to invite guests to your wedding!


Serendipity is huge resort with greenery and waterbodies around. There are very good landscapes like lake, river, hills and forest offering perfect backdrops, shots, and angles. You can also get some amazing shots right here in the resort. Our staff is always helpful.


Rock Climbing, Level 3& 4  Nature Trails, Riverside walk.  We arrange team sports for those on corporate outing, such as Burma Bridge, free fall from tree branches, Ladder climbing, Flying Fox, Commando Crossing. Besides also enjoy the adrenaline pumping... ATV Rides, Horse Riding, & Water Balls waking on the Lake,



Out of the World Experiences


When you stay at Serendipity, we do everything within our reach and imagination to create the best experiences and memories for you to take home.  We have many attractions to offer guests, from tranquil nature watching, taking walks through forest trails, enjoying fine-dining, outdoor activities, good wine & good time with friends and family to many outdoor recreational activities.

You learn about tribal culture, and spend a day in the tribal village, (link to village stay page) even overnight. You can learn more about Village stay (link to page) by clicking here.

We’ve gone a step further to offer you some out-of-the-world experiences. We do have photographic records of these magnificent experiences of guests; however there’s nothing better than experiencing them yourself.


Champagne Dinner-by-the Waterfall


One of them is Champagne Dinner-by-the Waterfall. If you’re a romantic at heart and there is an occasion to boot, you can’t miss this experience for anything. Everyone who stays at Serendipity should experience this. A dinner you’ll put down in your memoir.

We make detailed dinner arrangements for 2 to 6 people.   You may choose from the select option of Moet & Chandon Pink to a more exclusive 2003 Krug Clos du Mesnil Blanc de Blancs Brut. All you do is – let us know in advance, brief us about the occasion and what have in mind.  We’ll create the environment you desire to ensure you have the best time in the company of your loved ones. We serve food to match the ambience and your spirit.  We create and brief you about the menu in advance to avoid situations that may ruin the experience.

Barbeque dinner by the lake or waterfall:

If you fancy delicious Barbecue meal, and are game for an offbeat venue, ambience, an exciting pick-up ‘n’ Drop experience, go for Barbecue by the Lake or Waterfall experience.

You get to choose from one of the select venues. End of the exclusive, either a wine filled drive in a limo or a fun filled drive by an ATV. We will land you in a secure area where you can barbeque on your own, or ask for a dedicated Chef. Exclusively for you. Time will stand still for as long as you wish. You’ll be left alone, albeit in the radar, our staff will be keeping a watch over you to ensure safety in the least overbearing sort of way. At your beck and call just in case you need help with cooking or need a refill of chilled wine.


Breakfast on the top of Satpura’s Highest Mountain Peak


This one tops as a personal favorite for many guests. To have breakfast sitting on the highest peak of Satpura mountains is something dreams are made of. With clouds floating below you, try Yoga postures, meditate, and feel the breeze, you’ll almost feel like you can almost touch nature. This is what experiencing the beauty of slow paced life is all about. Something, some of you may not have done in a long time. Just you, the unlimited sky, the view of sky touching mountain peaks, and when you look down, you see the lush green valley of Patalkot.

We serve reordered breakfast with freshly brewed coffee to stimulate your acoustics to listen to the songs of humming birds, brushing of leaves, and the echo of the waterfall from Chhota Mahadev.


If you want to stay here longer, or revisit, your specially appointed butler shall arrange a special Lunch in these surrounding. Just let us know and we will be more than happy to do it for you. You’ll be amazed to see how efficiently the butler with help of staff pulls together it all and serve you the best barbecue lunch ever. Our aim is to offer guests as many different experiences as we can. Everything is planned and tailored keeping your expectations, conveniences and schedules in mind. Also health conditions, if any.

When you book into the resort we brief you about all these trips.

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We take you to a picturesque tiny rustic hutment to spend time with the tribal learning about their unique and un-spoilt ways of life.

The tribal have learnt the art of hospitality with their old world charm and simplicity still intact. They take you around to see crops, hutments, how they live, to their Jungle that they love, preserve, worship, and cherish.

While in the village you can try farming, take part in other intriguing activities for your bout of fun.  When you feel tired, you are served the freshest and the most delicious meals cooked in earthen pots on jungle-wood fire, tasty to the last morsel. When the Bhariya dance, most guests can’t resist the temptation and get moving with them. Take your chance to create one more memory to take home!


You can spend the night in the village breathing clean air, having freshest food, start gaze, etc. our team of interpreters cum assistants & Naturalist will be with you.You can also return to Serendipity at night. Right from picking you up to driving you back home all up to Serendipity Nucleus, safe and sound, happier.

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Village Stay Package

For those taking family holiday in Tamia have lots to look forward to and experience at Serendipity. There’s good food, good fun in store.  You can take a walk through the trails; enjoy extended conversations over breakfast and lunch, read a book, do yoga, dance to DJ music in the evening, enjoy Bonfire and more. All in all it’s a perfect spot to spend quality time with your family. There are safe and fun activities for kids to enjoy while adults sit and chat.




Serendipity is also open for school and college student excursions. We accommodate students in dormitories and provide guides on request.  Require advance notice as we’ll be need to make necessary arrangements keeping in mind temperament of the young adults.





Tamia, situated 3765 feet above sea level, is a peaceful hill station in close proximity of Pachmarhi . It can be reached by road from  Nagpur   ( 170 kms)  and from Bhopal (200 kms). Nearest airport  in Babasaheb  International airrport , Nagpur. Nearest Railway station is Parasia ( 20 kms) .


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