Things To Do

There are many things you can do in Tamia while you book into Serendipity.  It’s a kids and senior citizens friendly resort. There are options for nature lovers, adventists, trekkers, office conferences, there’s bar, restaurant and more….


Serendipity is an all-inclusive family friendly holiday resort offering varied activities to guests. Not just for kids, there are offer plenty of perks for adults too.

For Kids


Upon arrival kids are welcomed with a smoothie! And this is just the beginning to a wonderful holiday ahead. Kids can engage in hula-hoops, a game of cricket, easy levels of rope & rock climbing, trekking, star gazing, bird watching with naturalists, jungle walks, horse riding lessons, bonfire, karaoke and more.


For Nature Lovers


The resort offers amazing therapeutic and Ayurveda based treatments and calming activities. Nature Walk being one such activity. A long walk will connect you with nature. For those interested we schedule a 3.5 KM/hour walk through trail lead by a guide whom we refer to as ‘Dost’. This Dost, rich in knowledge about the medicinal and healing properties of the local flora and fauna used by tribal will throw light on how these plants can be used even today as medicine and food source. The walking trail has been developed and maintained as naturally as possible. It is like any normal jungle route, straight at some places and uneven at other, with roots and fallen foliage underfoot. We tell guests to bring sturdy footwear and other essentials. Months of operation:  Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Wild Life Safari


Tamia is famous for being a nature's bounty with slopes covered in green, it is a gem of Madhya Pradesh. If you are a safari person, then Satpura is the place for you. There are three safari rides viz. jeep safari, elephant safari, & boat safari to be taken. The dense forest of Satpura is enriched with thrilling hilly terrains, beautiful runnels, waterfalls and valleys. It’s also a paradise for bird watchers as one can spot a variety of birds in the right season. Besides being home to a variety of wild animals, this jungle is home to Indian giant squirrel and Indian white Bison.


We can arrange Jeep Safari through Satpura Tiger Reserve, also called Satpura National Park to sight animals in their natural habitat. These forests here are home to Tigers and many other carnivores. Jungle safaris need to be booked in advance. Call Us for more info…

Trekking & Adventure


If you’re looking to trek in Tamia, it’s going to be a surreal respiteto trek amid the breathtakingly beautiful scenery, thick green forests, wildlife, and valleys.


It’s an activity every Trekking & adventure enthusiast will cherish for a lifetime.


Guests can enjoy Rock Climbing, Level 3 Nature Trails, and other activities within and outside resort premise.


We also arrange team sports for corporate clients. Activities like Burma Bridge, free fall from tree branches, Ladder climbing, Flying Fox, Commando Crossing. Besides we also have ATV Rides, Horse Riding, & Water Balls waking on the Lake,


For Senior Citizens & Guests With Limited Mobility


Serendipity is a senior citizen and specially abled guests friendly resort, offering special facilities and activities for them to ensure they also enjoy the holiday, stay engaged and aren’t inconvenienced in anyway while other family members are enjoying activities. Right from wheel chair transportation, easy seating, beds, prompt and helpful room service and attendants, to food and snacks - everything is specially designed in keeping with their health condition and taste.

For Your Taste Buds


Serendipity offers two distinct culinary experiences ranging from casual to fine dining. The Soul Curry – a multi cuisine fine dining restaurant, and Punjab da Tashan is a north Indian style Dhaba. And then there is Bellini the Bar offering the best choices. You are also allowed to carry your own drinks. Our restaurant is also open to guests not staying in Serendipity.

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