Nature Trails

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Trek to Chota Mahadev

3 km

A guided trip to visit the Chota Mahadev Temple which is a Shiva temple in a cave. Stop at different points and viewed different sites like the volcanic eruption, ragged plateaus and sedimentary rock formations. Our guided Chota Mahadev Trek, in the company of a qualified and trained guide, is a signature experience. The Trek is, without a doubt, the most immersive and interesting way to appreciate the wilderness.

Toshadhana Nature Trail

6 km

This trek passes through the route of national highway 19 on the Panchmari road. It ends on the Chinndwara‐Panchmari road from where the distance to Tamia is about 8 kms.

Chourapahad Nature Trail

3 km

This trek ends at the ‘laal pahadi’ or chourapahad from where the hills of Panchmari can be seen. From here, one can clearly enjoy the sight of vultures too.

Bakhari – Shrijhout Nature Trail

5 km

This entire trek is covered in 5 kms and can be finished in 3 parts. The first part can be done from Tamia to Tamia dam which is about 1 km. From the dam, one has to climb the Bakhari hill which is about 70 ft tall. In the third part, one reaches the Shrijhout passing through the jungle and the forest department. Shrijhout is a village which is situated just below the Tamia valley. One can have the pleasure of resting here near the beautiful sand to drown away the tiredness of the trek. The Sal jungle situated here is truly splendid. From this point, the Tamia valley is about 22 kms.

Pratapgarh Pahad Nature Trail

The Pratapgarh hill, also known as ‘Mystery Mountain’ is approximately 1000 ft above sea level. While descending down from the hill, there is a step well and when you go inside it, it gives you a feeling of thrill and fear. For adventure seeking youngsters, this trek is sure to be something unforgettable. It is said that in the past, a king named as Pratapshah used to rule over this land and live there. This hill is located ahead of the village Shrijhout. This can be reached crossing the dense forests and beautiful waterfalls. From the village, the mountain of pratapgarh is about 5 kms. Once you reach the top of the mountain, the scenery is inexplicably beautiful. One has to be there to really experience it.

S Lagoon

Kid Friendly | Senior Friendly

Enjoy a memorable meal at our S Lagoon! A meal you will never forget! The amazing views will leave you wanting more.

Dundishikhar Tribal dance with Dinner

Kid Friendly | Senior Friendly

Dundishikhar Tribal Experience: Stay at Serendipity to catch a glimpse of this age-old Bhariya community tribal cultural dance and experience it from the lap of nature.

Mountain Top Breakfast


“We were to have breakfast at the highest peak of the Satpura Mountains, and before we did some pet puja, we did have to trek for it. Literally! With an able resort guide and a naturist, we set out for a 1 km trek up the hill at 7:30 in the morning. As we trekked up the mountain, the naturist enlightened us about the flora, fauna and the history behind the valleys and peaks. It was a difficult trek, as we did stumble along the way. But the sounds of the chirping birds, beautiful views and the clear air around us, just made everything seem so peaceful and serene.” Curley Tales India

Sundowner Experience (Gwalgad)

15 min

Our exclusive sundowner experience is nothing short of stunning. Its beautiful picturesque dreamscape will blow your mind. Enjoy high tea with a view only at Serendipity.