The Serendipity Story - Serendipity Tamia

I am Shiva. Popularly called as Lord Shiva , the destroyer and the Creator, as there can be no creation without a prior destruction.

My devotees , have seen me as a contradictory god, with the Ganges in my matted hair , struggling to escape my clutches; the crescent moon too entrapped, to signify Kama dev , the god of love and creation; my throat turned blue by the poison I drank, but the beatific smile on my face , unperturbed by the heat of the poison.

They feel I stay at the Mount Kailasa, not knowing that I actually I reside within them. I am everywhere , inside and outside, in the mountains and the plains, on the seaside , and in the forests. One of my favourite places of abode is near Nagpur, in the forests of Tamia, in the valley called Patalkot.

The name Patalkot, comes from the Sanskrit word , Patal, meaning very deep. Many years ago, Prince Meghnad, the son of Ravana , asked me to hide all his weapons here. Besides Lord Parsuram, Meghnad alias Indrajeet was the only one to possess all the three weapons including the Brahmand astra, Vaishanav Astra and the Pashupatastra. He also received celestial weapons from his mentors Shukra, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. After defeating my friends , the deities, he took their arms in his possession and became the possessor of divine weapons of gods, demons, and Trimurti. He even defeated Lord Ram and Lakshman, twice. You may visit the caves where I secured the entire fleet of weapons.

I have always had only one weapon.

Unending, unconditional and unfettered love.

You can visit the caves of Patalkot to see the hand made paintings on walls by pre-historic cave men , were you to decide to come to Serendipity. You see, the rocks that you will see here , have been formed from the Archaean era, about 2500 million years ago. People have been surprised to find granite gneiss , green schists , basic rocks and quartz. That’s I call “Serendipity Creations”.

Some of the lucky ones who have come here, have even found gems and jewels. Hidden within themselves, covered with urban cynicism and a jaundiced view of the world.

Tamia was part of C.P & Berar province in the times of British India. They decided to make Tamia, a conference venue for the British because of the thick foliage, the serenity of nature, and the peace that prevailed there. To execute the plan, the British personnel set out a troupe of 22 horses accompanied by few Indian soldiers on foot, with food and other things.

I was witness to the horses losing their way to Pachmarhi and instead reaching the hills of Tamia. And thus Pachmarhi became famous commercial kaos and Tamia remains astounded by the lush greenery, the opaque foliage , and the sheer cacophony of silence. Those of you who are nature lovers , will find our nature trails exciting. They are especially designed with varying degrees of difficulty so as to suit even the most amateur enthusiast , a knee arthritic to a more adventurous rock climber and the forests will satiate the most scathing and critical urban travelers. They say that amongst the verdant forests, some of the most caustic travelers , have even stumbled upon…… their own true selves.

Tamia is about 170 kms from Nagpur, a stone’s throw from urban chaos, an eager host , waiting for the most tired of souls. It is a quiet hamlet , with many tribal communities like the Bharias, the Gonds , the Bhils, the Korkus, and the Baiga living in perfect harmony with nature in its abundance. These indigenous people,are fairly cut off from what we call civilization, and you will be surprised to see, as your go past their hutments, their distinct yet similar lifestyles as if ‘Five elements ‘ of nature bhūmi (earth), ap or jala (water), tejas or agni (fire), marut, vayu or pavan (air or wind) and vyom or shunya (space or zero) or akash (aether or void). You may visit, while here, the “Raja Koh”, where it is rumoured , treasures from the era of the royal family of the Bhonsales, is said to be hidden. The tribals live simple but enriching lives, and believe in the statement that “all I need is less”. Less of violence, less of cynicism, less of angst, less of the complete lack of trust. After all isn’t “Lust for more & more” the new urban illness.

So yes, its true. I am the destroyer. I will destroy , when you come to Serendipity, all that you think you believe in. I will destroy your concepts of square foot area,the myth that “more & more” is to be obtained by any means, the belief that power is a corner office, on the nth floor with glass walls.

I will destroy your need of walls . I will destroy, one by one some of the ills you will come with… avarice, hatred, jealousy….your unnecessarily occupied mind !

And then I will create , at Serendipity, a new you. Free from the veils of the rat race, free from the cobwebs of the unsettled you, and help you discover peace and ………


Welcome back home.